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Midnight Bazaar
reviewed by wslion
1 Mana(Resource) for 7 cars? what deck should not have 4 peace of this?
Answer, every deck should have 4 of this
Be sure to play it in the opponents draw step, first turn, to ruin his "Mulligan" and you have card advantage at worst.
That is if your deck cant win with 7 cards on the spot :D
Its powerful with rush decks, combo decks.
Downside the opponent draws 7 cards to so? (if you win in this turn it matters little.)
Best card of the game by far.
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Twilight Dragon
reviewed by Amwriter
This creature is deceptively dangerous. For a relatively low cost, this creature has high enough hit it is difficult to kill easily, and can do a surprising amount of damage while your opponent scrambles to deal with it. 
A good card to draw your opponent's easy kill options (fatal blow etc.) leaving room for even more dangerous options later to emerge with no answer...
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