In Ravaged Worlds we like to score our members based on their level of interaction within our little community. Community Points are based upon the number and type of completed games, forum posts, marketplace transactions, votes, store purchases and anything else we can think of.
Community Points

Community Points determines a members Level and the higher the level the more access you will gain to certain features of the site: higher level bots and custom games for example.

Points also mean prizes! - Whenever you gain a new level as you accrue Community points, you will be awarded a free uncommon or rare card from all available sets. Its that simple.

Ravaged Worlds is all about the community, you that is! We want more players, more games, more interaction and ultimately more enjoyment for all involved. So dive right in and have some fun!

5-30 Points
Playing a game, even if you lose.
20 Points
Buying a new Deck Slot
5 Points
Posting a new topic in the Forum
2 Points
Posting a reply to a Forum topic
5 Points
Voting in a Forum poll
5 Points
One of your Reviews receives a positive vote
5 Points
Selling a card on the Marketplace
5 Points
Buying a card from the Marketplace
5 Points
Vote for us on a listing site (each day)
Battering Ram
reviewed by smoovgunner305
A weapon straight out of batman's repertoire. This nifty little gadget will constantly deal dmg to your opponent's cap, and the more creatures you have deployed, the bigger the punch. I really wish this attachment was a neutral one, because it would definitely be included into all of my decks
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Wasteland Market
reviewed by sanslash332
I know that is a very basic territory, but I love it's effect.
Is ideal to change your hand when you need discard some useless card to get a new one. Plus that, you can use it to deffend in bad situations.

In new decks will be good for any player; and in advanced decks, if you have space to fill with territories, could be a good option for you.
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