We want you to keep playing Ravaged Worlds, we really do! We have a daily reward tier that give you extra rewards in addition to our weekly achievements, ranking rewards and game coins.
Daily Rewards

For every day you have played a game during the cycle of the Daily Rewards you will move up the tier, stopping on each level to gain your reward - you could play for 7 days, miss a few days and then do another 3 days to get your 10 Day Rewards. It's really that simple; you don't even have to play every single day, but remember the Daily Rewards will reset the 1st of each month!

Day 1
5 Coins
Day 2
10 Coins
Day 3
A random Common card
Day 5
A random Common card & 10 Coins
Day 7
A random Common card & 20 Coins
Day 10
A random Uncommon card
Day 15
A random Uncommon card & 20 coins
Day 20
A random Uncommon card & 30 Coins
Day 25
A random Rare card
Battering Ram
reviewed by smoovgunner305
A weapon straight out of batman's repertoire. This nifty little gadget will constantly deal dmg to your opponent's cap, and the more creatures you have deployed, the bigger the punch. I really wish this attachment was a neutral one, because it would definitely be included into all of my decks
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Tax Wizard
reviewed by smoovgunner
This is my favorite card thus far. seeing how resources is the bread and butter of this game, and having a creature that can give you +3 of it in a blink of an eye,  with a small cost of capital, makes him a very valuable part in any deck. I highly recommend to add him in any deck format
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