For every day you have played a game during the cycle of the Daily Rewards you will move up the tier, stopping on each level to gain your reward - you could play for 7 days, miss a few days and then do another 3 days to get your 10 Day Rewards. It's really that simple; you don't even have to play every single day, but remember the Daily Rewards will reset the 1st of each month!

Day 1
5 Coins
Day 2
10 Coins
Day 3
A random Common card
Day 5
A random Common card & 10 Coins
Day 7
A random Common card & 20 Coins
Day 10
A random Uncommon card
Day 15
A random Uncommon card & 20 coins
Day 20
A random Uncommon card & 30 Coins
Day 25
A random Rare card
Midnight Bazaar
1 Mana(Resource) for 7 cars? what deck should not have 4 peace of this?
Answer, every deck should have 4 of this
Be sure to play it in the opponents draw step, first turn, to ruin his "Mulligan" and you have card advantage at worst.
That is if your deck cant win with 7 cards on the spot :D
Its powerful with rush decks, combo decks.
Downside the opponent draws 7 cards to so? (if you win in this turn it matters little.)
Best card of the game by far.
Initiate of the Dark Sun
This is my favourite card in the game, do its not the most powerful one, awesome art too. This gives the ability to your deck to create a 3/2/4/3 body if in hand any time for 2 mana. Reduces your max deck size to 36 (if you use 4). Its is ideal user of Fireball, or other exhaust attachment.. As avatar it also has cool red W shape that Ii why I picked it as my.:D