There are a number of cards in Ravaged Worlds that you will not find in any booster. These cards can only be gained by achieving a number of conditions and every week a new set of Achievement cards will be made available to win.

Achievement Rewards are given out one per night

Tax Wizard
reviewed by smoovgunner
This is my favorite card thus far. seeing how resources is the bread and butter of this game, and having a creature that can give you +3 of it in a blink of an eye,  with a small cost of capital, makes him a very valuable part in any deck. I highly recommend to add him in any deck format
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Battering Ram
reviewed by smoovgunner305
A weapon straight out of batman's repertoire. This nifty little gadget will constantly deal dmg to your opponent's cap, and the more creatures you have deployed, the bigger the punch. I really wish this attachment was a neutral one, because it would definitely be included into all of my decks
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