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FactionDaemornia  Daemornia
Member Since: 11-Apr-2019
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Win Ratio: 88%
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Hand Grenade

If one gets this card early, it somewhat functions as a removal option for weaker monsters that may ...

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Initiate of the Dark Sun
reviewed by wslion
This is my favourite card in the game, do its not the most powerful one, awesome art too. This gives the ability to your deck to create a 3/2/4/3 body if in hand any time for 2 mana. Reduces your max deck size to 36 (if you use 4). Its is ideal user of Fireball, or other exhaust attachment.. As avatar it also has cool red W shape that Ii why I picked it as my.:D
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Supply Tunnels
reviewed by Malikai
I'm pretty sure I personally love this card for the same reason other folks dislike it. When this card pays of, it really pays off, but when it doesn't? That's a sad first turn for you, Charlie Brown... But, like... When it does though.
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