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Sacred Temple
reviewed by McHuberts
Just a's a bit more than just a territory. It heals and that is always useful. But there is more. The territory is escorted, which means that it can defend. Sure it is not very strong, but playing it in early game, you can keep of the little creatures with a nice defence and health.
And there is even more. It has the faction icon. Silath creatures cost 1 less to play. All in all a great card in any deck, but especially in a Silath deck.
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Supply Tunnels
reviewed by McHuberts
It looks tempting....a territory that provides 2 resources. Especially in the first few turns of the game. The downside is that it is unstable, so it is possible that your quick start turns into a disaster. Do you like to gamble and feel lucky, then pick this card. Otherwise leave it be......and that is what I will do. 
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