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The Library is a database of all the released cards for Ravaged Worlds. Here you can find the details on everything; stats, abilities, artwork credit and a full explanation of the traits.

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Number of Unique Cards: 501

Wasteland Market
reviewed by sanslash332
I know that is a very basic territory, but I love it's effect.
Is ideal to change your hand when you need discard some useless card to get a new one. Plus that, you can use it to deffend in bad situations.

In new decks will be good for any player; and in advanced decks, if you have space to fill with territories, could be a good option for you.
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Archives of the Ancients
reviewed by TheGabe
This card is the heart and soul of what is my favorite archetype in this game. Drop a few of these babies on the field with a sacred temple some cheap cost saurians and recall and watch your opponents deck disappear.
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