"It was on this very day, two hundred years ago, that the invasion began. My grandfather told my father of this time and now I pass the history onto you. Let me tell you of our heritage, that of humankind. Of a time before the Offworlders and before the dreaded Daemon hordes, when man walked the earth alone and was not afraid of the darkness. It was a time of peace, without fear of slavery, poverty, hunger or disease..."

"...Our technology turned dreams into reality. We had machines that could fly and vehicles without horses able to journey across whole countries in hours. We were able to leave our world with powerful rocket ships that could reach the stars. There was very little that could not be achieved. However, our continuous pursuit of the impossible almost brought about this world’s end.

Some say that we created a portal to travel to the stars, others claim it to have been a gateway to another world much like or own, but I tell you that what man created was a doorway to Hell. Small and insignificant, it grew, far beyond the imagination of its creators. The whole world rejoiced in what it would hold for our future, but it was our future that was lost.

Carried on the winds, the Great Plague swept across the world. It killed and mutated without pattern, leaving none unharmed. From the largest city to the most remote village, people suffered and died. It twisted the animals, as pets and livestock turned against their masters in fits of madness and rage. We know now that all attempts at a cure were fruitless and every day we are reminded of that by our very nature. Yet, the portal still grew, out of control, absorbing everything in its path. We do not know what happened to the portal, but we know that from its foul belly they came.

Many of you have been told stories of the monsters in our world, of the great beasts and vast hordes that roam the land, conquering, enslaving and murdering all in their path. Do not make light of these things, for they are true and horrifying to behold.

When the daemons first came to our world, we sued for peace, but it is a word unknown to them. Their master strived to have all, and this world, like many others would fall. Our magnificent armies, with their steel machines and powerful weapons proved useless, as the daemons swept across the land. We fought the daemon spawn with all the strength we had. In the great oceans, mighty ships battled the black serpents sent against us and in the skies above, flying machines struggled with the greatest of the winged daemons, but eventually we fell, until we had no choice.

The land beneath you is green, but it was not always, for the world was once turned to ash. Some of you have seen the great cities in which our ancestors lived. Their magnificent homes are now destroyed and barren, empty to all but the most depraved of creatures. The streets are covered in decay and filth but they were not always. We created great monuments of beauty and towers of glistening glass that could touch the sky. We had libraries and schools, the like of which we may never see again. We listened to the music and poetry of cultures long gone and admired their art and skill, but now it is almost all lost. The daemons destroyed much in their wake, turning fields to black by flame and death, but it was our own kind that ruined the land. Our great weapons had left charred ruins and destroyed the cities.

The war raged on for countless years, before the arrival of the Offworlders, some of whom are here with us today. Our world was not the first to fall to the lord of darkness for he had many slaves and minions. We know that control of his empire was not entire and many turned against him. I have seen many wondrous creatures in my travels, like our friends and allies, the Dankari, Reptilians and Night Stalkers and many more.

It was with such aid that our ancestors were able to turn the tide of darkness from our world. Many of you have read the stories of great heroes of that time, when the people of Earth fought back with rejuvenated strength. They pushed back at their new masters and fought for their very existence. My grandfather spoke of the greatest of the battles fought on our land. The last of our great armies, with their machines and weapons, fought side by side with their new allies. For more than a hundred days they fought against the daemon horde that came to conquer all. When the machines were gone they fought with sword and axe. When those weapons were broken or blunt they fought with stone, and when there was no more stone they fought with fist. Thousands died and still they fought, pushing ever onward. Eventually, after so many lives had been lost, they finally reclaimed our world, defeating the daemon kind and winning their freedom.

Today, our world is divided. The daemons, though now fewer in number, are still present and have many loyal followers even among our own kind. I have seen heroes standing alone against evil, kingdoms grow and crumble seemingly in the blink of an eye, innocents enslaved to serve the darkness, and people rejoicing in new freedom from tyranny. Our way of life is very different to that of our ancestors, but we have survived and we will always be here.

I know some of you venture out into the known world and beyond, some seeking fortune, some fame and others to destroy evil wherever it is found. My advice to all of you is to take heed of my story, learn from our history, never forgetting those that have laid their lives down in the name of peace and never, ever, be afraid of the dark.”


BerserkerThe world as it was known is long gone. The daemons left little in their wake and the humans, with their atomic weapons, almost destroyed all that remained. Despite this, many cities that were abandoned or destroyed during the war have since been reclaimed, though not necessarily by their original inhabitants.

The greatest loss of the war against the daemons was in the field of science and medicine. The knowledge often remains, but the will and means are gone. Hospitals are typically basic and those in smaller towns are usually rife in disease. Warp-Casting has taken some roles from conventional medicine, with power and skill beyond the reach of doctors.

Many cities have little, if any electricity and those that do face regular blackouts and power spikes. Custom-built generators provide heating and light for chosen areas, but usually only for those that can pay. Fossil fuels are non- existent and most do with an open wood burning fire and wax candles. Even within such cities there are areas beyond repair and completely inhospitable to all but the most determined and hardy. Wandering bands of Night Stalkers may take to such conditions where their survival skills are unmatched by many races, as too do the daemons of Erebos, where they can act out their tasks without interference.


DaemorniaGateNo-one that has ever witnessed an active Daemornia Gate will forgot its pulsating hum, fiery portal and dull screams that seem to echo from the vary material of its construction.

Passage between the conquered worlds of Erebos is only possible through the Daemornia Gates - interstellar daemonic space hulks are far too slow to be useful for the invading armies.

These triangular gateways can measure as much as twenty metres in height alone and are adorned with powerful inscriptions of part daemonic and part warp nature. Daemonic Gates are constructed by the daemons to form a bridge between worlds - typically to Daemornia itself - are fixed to a location once activated. There are no known means by which a gate can deactivated or destroyed and many suspect the power it holds would devastate the world on which it resides should it fracture.

Daemornia is typically the point of origin for all gates and they are used to locate worlds of interest or useful resources before an invading force to sent through. Once the daemons are established they will construct the bridging gate on the new world using materials brought with them and permanently link both gates together - without the bridging gate the daemonic invaders would be marooned in a matter of days.


FireMercWhen the human gateway was opened on Earth it was the Fire Mercs who heralded the invasion. At first only a handful came and they were taken as a sign of new intelligent life. The humans communicated to them as best they could, learning as much as possible from their unknown language. The daemons responded to the openness of their hosts with relative curiosity and gentleness, taking part in examinations and games to test their limitations. However, unknown to the humans of that time, those creatures were malevolent, cruel and had a plan...

Fire Mercs are sent before a invasion to spread fire and carnage, weakening any resistance - in the invasion of Earth the daemons also brought along diseases without cure and mankind suffered terribly. They are followed by the lesser daemons; Dancers of Death, Berserkers, War Mongers and countless numbers of Nominods.

Although not strategic in any sense, the daemons are led by the Greater Daemons, typically the Chaos Bringers. Their goal is simple, strike forward in a constant wave, killing and destroying everything in their path, slaying all would be defenders.

Once a territory is conquered, many of the survivors will be enslaved. The fate of these individuals is often too horrific to behold. Very few armies have been able to stand against the might of a daemon invasion and many races have been completely eradicated in their futile attempt. Countless worlds have fallen to the lord of darkness and many more will surely follow.


ClanGuardianThe daemons have conquered many worlds, but their continuous warring and the rapid expansion of Erebos’ empire was leading to unrest on many of his worlds. Living conditions had deteriorated to such a level that famine and disease were commonplace and with every new race the available food supplies dwindled.

The Night Stalkers suffered the most during this time. They are a hardy race and have exceptional survival skills, but were little more than a slave workforce for the daemons. As the empire expanded their world was stripped of its resources and life expectancy dropped with every generation. Over time the Night Stalkers became less important to the needs of the daemons and with each passing month they received fewer supplies and rations. Then in the bleakest winter the Night Stalkers simply refused to work. Hundreds were executed, then thousands, until one day the clans of Slarv united. War was inevitable.

A few years before the Night Stalkers uprising a religious cult began to spread through the Saurian people. This was a religion thought defeated by the Lord of Darkness and punishable by death. The Saurians had prayed to their true god in secret for many years, but now the first open display of Khan followers began to appear on Daemornia. Despite regular public hangings his daemon enforcers struggled to maintain the open show of disloyalty. The followers of Khan had spread throughout every city and soon the Saurian nation had turned against the daemons.

Neither the revolt of the Saurians or Night Stalkers were of great concern for the Lord of Darkness. He had eradicated entire races for their attempted revolt, but even he could not foresee the betrayal of his own creations. The Dankari, had grown tired of the poor conditions and cruel tyranny. Few races understand why the Dankari choose this path against their master, some believe they are the only daemons to have compassion and morality, while others believe they sided with another god - only the Dankari know the true reason and none will share this secret. Talks of rebellion had taken place several years before the Night Stalker uprising, but the lack of suitable opportunity or allies has always guaranteed their failure. This was the time they had patiently waited for and in the first few weeks of the Earth invasion, the Rebellion War had began.

Few worlds were left unscathed by the rebellion as many races joined the Dankari, Saurians and Night Stalkers. The daemon empire was divided and many families were torn apart in a bloody civil war. The combined uprising and the betrayal of his own daemons had caught the Lord of Darkness and his empire unprepared and within a few months the war had engulfed dozens of worlds and hundreds of races. This was a time of the greatest heroes against the daemons; D’Kara - the leader of the Traitor Daemons, Skapti of the Saurians - the Disciple of Khan, Graan - the Banshee Lord of Felnin, to name a few.

Unfortunately, despite the gallant efforts of the rebellion they suffered terrible defeats. The daemons were far greater in number and had many loyalists, yet the war dragged on for fourteen years. Races that had long opposed one-another fought side-by-side on the open fields and in the skirmishes that took place in every city, street, alley and building.

Towards the end of the war the death toll was catastrophic, with worlds in flames and whole civilizations in ruins. The Saurians had captured a Daemornia gate to evacuate refugees and entire races to new homes outside the daemons empire. The gate was also used to free several worlds from the daemons, including Earth, but in the end the daemons of Erebos prevailed and the rebellion was quashed.

Hand Grenade
If one gets this card early, it somewhat functions as a removal option for weaker monsters that may have some annoying stats you want gone.  However, as the text suggests, this is not a removal card.  This is a card that inflicts 5 damage to a creature.  Threats that you may want gone can easily survive a hit from this grenade, and can still be a problem card, especially if it could regenerate by whatever method.  It's more worth it to make the room and spend an extra resource for fatal blow for 4 resources.  Or Imperial assassin and it's assassination effect.

but still, if you happen to get this card early, it can still function as a removal card, until decks start getting more advanced from players or bots.  Then it's time to look at other options.  
Road Warriors
Ahh Raid. If left unchecked Raid wins the game before it starts.
Ahh Hypnotic Specter (Mtg) one of my faw black card comes into mind. This game here is Human Outrider, than Ratmen Pack, a Raider with a Tutor(search on a stick). And now this. "love it"
Why is Raid a super strong ability(and why I love it)? Because it can remove the thing enemy will take this creature out and constantly creating card disadvantage for the opponent. This card for 3 mana 4 hp, and all control decks other nightmare besides Raid, Haste(sure to hit once) or Haste in other words "Fear me, prepare or die"
This awesome card has 2 things a control or combo deck hate most.
 I recommand this card to all Imperium decks, it also has too good stats.