Want to know your Deck from your Graveyard? Need to know the difference between Destroyed and Banished?
Deck: This is your stack of cards for playing Ravaged Worlds. Before each game the deck is shuffled and laid face down in view of all players. During the game new cards are drawn from the top of the deck, but not disclosed to your opponents. Each player may have no more than five of each card in their deck and must have at least 40 cards in their deck in order to play - plus a capital card.
Graveyard: Whenever a card is Ravaged, Destroyed or Discarded during the game it is stored away in a growing pile of cards known as the Graveyard. Cards cannot be drawn from the Graveyard during the game unless allowed by other cards in play.
Dice: We use a six-sided die for playing Ravaged Worlds; commonly referred to as a D6. The Ravaged Worlds online version of the game randomly generates such rolls for you.
Hand: This term refers to the collection of cards held in your hand during game play, typically of no more than seven cards.
Capital: Each player begins with a card representing the overall strength and economy of their capital base. If their Capital Card is reduced to zero Health the economy collapses, their supporters flee and their enemies take over. Simply put, they have lost and its game over!
Resources: This represents the facilities and stock at the disposal of the player. They are spent in exchange for deploying cards and/or using card abilities.
Destroy (Destroyed): The card is send directly to the owners graveyard without suffering any damage.
Banish (Banished): The card is removed from play and will not be available in the owners Graveyard and cannot return to play.
Ravage (Ravaged): The Creature or Territory is reduced to zero Health. A card reduced to zero Hit at any time is considered Ravaged
Sacrifice (Sacrificed): Whenever you are called on to Sacrifice a card, the chosen card is sent to your graveyard, but may not trigger abilities like Destroy. You cannot sacrifice a Creature or Territory that is already reduced to zero or less Health or has been Banished or Destroyed.
Counter (Countered): This means to prevent an action in the event chain before it can resolve.
Discard (Discarded): A discarded card is removed from your hand either by exceeding the maximum hand size limit, by events or abilities and sent directly to your graveyard.
Lock (Locked): Whenever a creature is declared as an Attacker the creature and all its attached cards (the stack) is locked. This indicates that the cards in the stack cannot be used against until they are unlocked. Some abilities may also force the stack to be locked when they are used. Abilities that lock cannot be used by a creature or scenario that is already locked.
This is a very powerful card. 6 out of 5 cards! Remove a card until the controllers next turn for nothing is very strong. If the removed card is locked it will return locked. It is always a good choice to put Keb into your deck only to play this card.