Well, this is the big one, the Guide! Ravaged Worlds should be easy to pick up in a few games, but it will take some time to learn every rule, trait and ability, but don't let that discourage you. We have a great community and there are always plenty of people to give you advice.

Here you can pick up the basics to get your started and once on your way, this will serve as knowledge base for everything about Ravaged Worlds.

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FactionDaemornia Daemornia - The home-world of the Daemons
Daemornia once had another name, long ago, long before Erebos walked its land. However, that name is gone, as are its original inhabitants. It is believed that this world was once very much like our own, with lush green lands, endless oceans and wild woodland. Daemornia today is a world in darkness, its land barren and dead. This is a kingdom of caverns, endless passages and bottomless pits; it is a kingdom often referred to as the Underworld.
  • Daemons are typically strong, but have limited flyers, regenerative capabilities and healers
  • The world of Daemornia has access to a lot of direct destruction in the game
FactionDraggat Draggat - The Mighty and Vengeful Draga
The mountainous world of Draggat is home to the proud and noble Draga. They are a powerful race and are the strongest of the factions. However, they have suffered many centuries of endless warning against the daemon horde and their world is almost little more than ash. Their magnificent stone cities are almost gone, with only those hidden in the highest peaks a safe-haven against their enemies. Compared to their glory days, the Draga are few in number, with most seeking shelter on other worlds, but those that remain seek only one thing...vengeance.
  • All Draga can fly, but have limited combat capabilities.
  • The world of Draggat has access to some of the strongest creatures in the game, albeit sometimes the most costly to deploy.
FactionFelnin Felnin - The Spiritualistic Felidites
Felnin is a world of seemingly endless plains and mystical aura. The native race of this world, the Felidites, have a social structure based around ‘Spiritual Believe’. They do not believe in any gods or higher deity, but are taught to follow the teachings of their ancestors and to understand the spirits around them, from those of the animals, the trees and their kin. Despite their somewhat spiritualistic attribute, Felidites are ferocious warriors and learn to work well in packs or prides.
  • Most Felidites have the Frenzy ability, so they can re-roll missed attacks
  • The world of Felnin has access to numerous regenerative Spirit creatures
FactionImperium Imperium - Mankinds Last Stand
The Imperium, once the greatestest force in the galaxy, is now little more than fractured groups of militia, notably the Human World Order, Coalition of Australian Liberators, and Afrikaanse Unie-verdedigingsmag. Unlike the structured combat found in the traditional Imperium, these groups were so unpredictable that the Daemon forces are typically caught enough off-guard as to keep the hope alive. However, times are changing and a noticeable hierarchy has began forming, with many believing that the Imperium will return to its former might and reclaim the world.
  • Humans have no significant strengths nor weakness, but have numerous Mechanical constructs
  • The Imperium has limited access to Beasts but have some of the more powerful Attachments and Resource cards.
FactionKeb Keb - The Defiant Keebo
We know very little of the Keebo and the world of Keb. They are secretive race that dwell beneath the harsh desert sands of their home, only venturing out at night to hunt. Like many of the factions they have limited technology but they have harnessed the control of the beasts of Keb; be it worms, crawlers or ants. The Keebo worship the great worm, Khepra, who is the symbol of their race and their determination to withstand the daemon hordes.
  • Keebo are natural flyers and are protected by their thick chitin shell
  • The world of Keb has access to many beasts including worms, crawlers and ants
FactionSilath Silath - The Zealous Saurians
The Saurians have a long history of warfare against the daemons and are known to ally themselves with other factions should it favor their needs, especially the Night Stalkers, who many consider to be pawns in a much greater plan. They have a tri-caste system that is rotated every few years, with every adult serving time as a Warrior, Priest or Worker. They are a deeply religious culture with the high priests forming their ruling council, but they are considered over zealous by other races.
  • Saurians have excellent combat capabilities and can form defensive lines almost impossible to break
  • The World of Silath has few flyers, but those they have are some of the most powerful in Ravaged Worlds.
FactionSlarv Slarv - The Night Stalkers
The Night Stalkers dwell on the twilight world of Slarv and it was from here that the Rebellion War began. For more than 300 years they had suffered slavery and brutal subjugation by the daemons. Don't underestimate the primitive nature of the Night Stalkers, the Daemons once did and it eventually shattered their kingdom.
  • Night Stalkers have a good attacking capability but limited defense
  • The World of Slarv has many cards that deal with Curse and Infection.
Archives of the Ancients
reviewed by TheGabe
This card is the heart and soul of what is my favorite archetype in this game. Drop a few of these babies on the field with a sacred temple some cheap cost saurians and recall and watch your opponents deck disappear.
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Initiate of the Dark Sun
reviewed by wslion
This is my favourite card in the game, do its not the most powerful one, awesome art too. This gives the ability to your deck to create a 3/2/4/3 body if in hand any time for 2 mana. Reduces your max deck size to 36 (if you use 4). Its is ideal user of Fireball, or other exhaust attachment.. As avatar it also has cool red W shape that Ii why I picked it as my.:D
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