The Guide

Well, this is the big one, the Guide! Ravaged Worlds should be easy to pick up in a few games, but it will take some time to learn every rule, trait and ability, but don't let that discourage you. We have a great community and there are always plenty of people to give you advice.

Here you can pick up the basics to get your started and once on your way, this will serve as knowledge base for everything about Ravaged Worlds.

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Card Layout
Creature • Daemon
NonPassiveResResRes Fire Breath: Brinor gains +4 Pwr and the Assault ability until the end of turn.
"A Brinor can flush out any resistance with its fiery breath"
Faction Icon: Indicates the faction to which the card belongs. Faction is also indicated by the coloured background of the flags. Neutral cards do not have an icon.
Stats: Non-Event cards will have stats that indicate their Power, Attack, Defence and Health ratings, in that order as explained below.
Classes & Passive Traits: The first row indicates the type and sub-type of the card. Subsequent rows display any traits that are permanently active on the card
Card Flavor: Adds texture and history to the game
Non-Passive Traits: These traits must be activated in order to be used and many will require a number of resource points that must be paid first and some may also lock the card against further use.

Lock  This will lock the card.
Res  A resource point must be paid.
Dice  A dice roll is required.

Resource Cost: The number of Resource points that may be spent from your pool in order to deploy / use the card
Pwr Power: The amount of damage the card inflicts in combat
Att Attack: Indicates the card's skill at attacking in combat. Cards without this rating or a zero or less rating cannot be declared as attackers
Def Defence: Indicates the card's ability to defend itself in combat. The higher the rating, the harder it is to hit the card.
Hit Health: Indicates how many points of damage a card can withstand before it is 'killed' and sent to the Graveyard
Skeletal Warrior
reviewed by wslion
Behold the best card of the undead set, a 4 damage 4 accuracy body for two mana(resource) its the best buy you can get in any deck for 2 mana and you can repay it because yes it can be played from the grave.
I may be a bit biased for graveyard effects because my faworite is necromancy but this is the most OP creature card I ever saw in any game for starts and mana cost in its environment, A perfect chomp blocker.
Don't think pay 4 crystals for you 4 copy because its can be and its a must in all your decks. (that is if you like power)
Everliving is broken ability l.because it provides infinite draw access look for those cards.
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Hand Grenade
reviewed by Vazbol
If one gets this card early, it somewhat functions as a removal option for weaker monsters that may have some annoying stats you want gone.  However, as the text suggests, this is not a removal card.  This is a card that inflicts 5 damage to a creature.  Threats that you may want gone can easily survive a hit from this grenade, and can still be a problem card, especially if it could regenerate by whatever method.  It's more worth it to make the room and spend an extra resource for fatal blow for 4 resources.  Or Imperial assassin and it's assassination effect.

but still, if you happen to get this card early, it can still function as a removal card, until decks start getting more advanced from players or bots.  Then it's time to look at other options.  
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