Whats what on your cards...
The Stats
Pwr Power: The amount of damage the card inflicts in combat
Att Attack: Indicates the card's skill at attacking in combat. Cards without this rating or a zero or less rating cannot be declared as attackers
Def Defence: Indicates the card's ability to defend itself in combat. The higher the rating, the harder it is to hit the card.
Hit Health: Indicates how many points of damage a card can withstand before it is 'killed' and sent to the Graveyard
Resource Cost: The number of Resource points that may be spent from your pool in order to deploy / use the card
Stats: Non-Event cards will have stats that indicate their Power, Attack, Defence and Health ratings, in that order as explained below.
Classes & Passive Traits: The first row indicates the type and sub-type of the card. Subsequent rows display any traits that are permanently active on the card
Card Flavor: Adds texture and history to the game
Creature • Daemon
NonPassiveResResResRes Fire Breath: Brinor gains +4 Pwr and the Assault ability until the end of turn.
"A Brinor can flush out any resistance with its fiery breath"
Faction Icon: Indicates the faction to which the card belongs. Faction is also indicated by the coloured background of the flags. Neutral cards do not have an icon.
Non-Passive Traits: These traits must be activated in order to be used and many will require a number of resource points that must be paid first and some may also lock the card against further use.

Lock  This will lock the card.
Res  A resource point must be paid.
Dice  A dice roll is required.

Twilight Dragon
This creature is deceptively dangerous. For a relatively low cost, this creature has high enough hit it is difficult to kill easily, and can do a surprising amount of damage while your opponent scrambles to deal with it. 
A good card to draw your opponent's easy kill options (fatal blow etc.) leaving room for even more dangerous options later to emerge with no answer...
Tax Wizard
This is my favorite card thus far. seeing how resources is the bread and butter of this game, and having a creature that can give you +3 of it in a blink of an eye,  with a small cost of capital, makes him a very valuable part in any deck. I highly recommend to add him in any deck format