Whats what on your cards...
The Stats
Pwr Power: The amount of damage the card inflicts in combat
Att Attack: Indicates the card's skill at attacking in combat. Cards without this rating or a zero or less rating cannot be declared as attackers
Def Defence: Indicates the card's ability to defend itself in combat. The higher the rating, the harder it is to hit the card.
Hit Health: Indicates how many points of damage a card can withstand before it is 'killed' and sent to the Graveyard
Resource Cost: The number of Resource points that may be spent from your pool in order to deploy / use the card
Stats: Non-Event cards will have stats that indicate their Power, Attack, Defence and Health ratings, in that order as explained below.
Classes & Passive Traits: The first row indicates the type and sub-type of the card. Subsequent rows display any traits that are permanently active on the card
Card Flavor: Adds texture and history to the game
Creature • Daemon
NonPassiveResResResRes Fire Breath: Brinor gains +4 Pwr and the Assault ability until the end of turn.
"A Brinor can flush out any resistance with its fiery breath"
Faction Icon: Indicates the faction to which the card belongs. Faction is also indicated by the coloured background of the flags. Neutral cards do not have an icon.
Non-Passive Traits: These traits must be activated in order to be used and many will require a number of resource points that must be paid first and some may also lock the card against further use.

Lock  This will lock the card.
Res  A resource point must be paid.
Dice  A dice roll is required.

Kildar Strip Mine
Considering that any good deck has a fundamentally sound draw mechanic, this card is consequently the best resource producing territory in the game at the moment. I highly suggest you consider playing 2-4 copies of this card in EVERY deck!
This is a very powerful card. 6 out of 5 cards! Remove a card until the controllers next turn for nothing is very strong. If the removed card is locked it will return locked. It is always a good choice to put Keb into your deck only to play this card.