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#1: 2019-07-16 19:07:49
Event • Flash
Remove target creature from your opponent and all cards attached to it. Put this creature back into play under your control, along with its attachments, as if it was just deployed.
"We have to distrust each other. It is our only defence against betrayal." - Tennessee Williams
What is better than removing a creature between you and victory?
Taking control over it for turn, or even better permanently like this card dos. Its costly but its a joker in the end game all decks should have 2 to secure the victory. (unless you play farm rush)
Midnight Bazaar
1 Mana(Resource) for 7 cars? what deck should not have 4 peace of this?
Answer, every deck should have 4 of this
Be sure to play it in the opponents draw step, first turn, to ruin his "Mulligan" and you have card advantage at worst.
That is if your deck cant win with 7 cards on the spot :D
Its powerful with rush decks, combo decks.
Downside the opponent draws 7 cards to so? (if you win in this turn it matters little.)
Best card of the game by far.
Tax Wizard
This is my favorite card thus far. seeing how resources is the bread and butter of this game, and having a creature that can give you +3 of it in a blink of an eye,  with a small cost of capital, makes him a very valuable part in any deck. I highly recommend to add him in any deck format