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#1: 2019-07-08 12:31:02
Gaeokerena level20+
It has been suggested many times that non-passive abilities that do not lock the card should be able to be used as many times as possible, so long as the resource cost is paid.

I agree this will improve the game, but we will need to balance some of the abilities and those with zero cost will either have to lock the card or have a cost applied.

#2: 2019-07-08 13:04:11
Gaeokerena level20+
Zero Res Ablities

Goar Armour: For every 6 rolled on the dice, the attached creature gains +2 Pwr. For every 1 rolled on the dice the attached creature lose -2 Pwr. This effect lasts only until the end of turn. This card would need a redesign

Mantidae Warrior (Entangling Legs): Mantidae Warrior gains +2 Pwr, but loses -2 Def until the end of turn. This can only be used against a creature opponent. This card would need a redesign

Field Medic (Medic!): Target creature heals +1 Hit. We could add a 1Hit cost to this?

Unstable Mutation (Mutate):  For each dice rolled, on a 2+ the attached creature gains +1 Pwr, +1 Att and +1 Def until the end of turn. On the roll of a 1 you must randomly discard a card from your hand. If you are unable to discard a card you suffer -1 Capital. Should be ok?

Zap: Target creature suffers one (1) point of damage. Should this now lock the card or cost Hit?

Crocodilian Warlord (Gargantua): Discard a card from your hand. This creature gains a +1Pwr, +1Hit and -1Def counter. Should be ok?
#3: 2019-07-08 13:12:11
Gaeokerena level20+
Abilities that should probably lock?

Oracle (Precognition): HitReveal the top card of your Library.

Oracle (Changing Fate): HitHitHit Shuffle your LIbrary

The Generous Traveller (Bearing Gifts): HitHitHit Roll a Die. You gain X Capital, where X is the number rolled on the die.

Crocodilian Beastmaster (Charm): HitHitHit Take control of target Beast under your opponents control until the end of the turn. When it comes under your control, unlock the creature if locked. It also has Haste until the end of the turn.
#4: 2019-07-08 14:17:33
wslion level20+
Goar Armour: For every 6 rolled on the dice, the attached creature gains +2  . For every 1 rolled on the dice the attached creature lose -2  . This effect lasts only until the end of turn. This card would need a redesign
this is a bad ability if can be played infinity, its like "mana screw", the possibility of 6 an 1 coming up are equal and greedy people will just roll until infinity if this cost 0, if its cost 1 or more no one should pay it if its one dice that is rolled.
Instead a dice 1 or 6 or what I would pay 1 mana not relay because it can out bad, what people who are insane and want to gamble so mana people, a fair price would be for 1 mana 3 dice if only 6 or 1 counts instead I recommand, heads or tails and a coin.
(I'm not a fan of random effect's but you probably figured this about me :D)

Mantidae Warrior (Entangling Legs): Mantidae Warrior gains +2  , but loses -2  until the end of turn. This can only be used against a creature opponent. This card would need a redesign.
If this wil cost man will be not fun any more.......but...sadly imp has a +1 ability for one mana and as tragic thisis for this pore creature, 2 mana would be the price or the imp is too week......not I would not even use imps ability for one mana.
I recommand this thy get +2 for 1 mana (imp needs to be buffed too)
~ I'm also not fan on pay mana for damage :D becuse i can just pay 2 to get my 4/4/1/1 sceleto or put out a 3/3/3/3 creature for 2 mana.

Field Medic (Medic!): Target creature heals +1  . We could add a 1 cost to this?
I think 2 mana would be fair price, there are lot of mass effect that kill creature turning their hp to 0 safein one for 2 mana is cool.
(also very any control,)

Zap: Target creature suffers one (1) point of damage. Should this now lock the card or cost  ?
again I would lvoe to have this as 1 mana for 1 damage but that would be op as f
how about this deal 3 damage for 4 mana
1 would be too cheap but awsom (because fireball)
2 would be to much
This is an effect only on creatures so it has to be better than ipms an mandas ability.
fire ball is D6 for 3 aka 1 mana for 1 damage on average. but that card demands 3 manaat minimum
I recommand this zap should do 1 demage for 1 mana
fire ball should fo 6k+1 damage for 3 mana

Crocodilian Warlord (Gargantua): Discard a card from your hand. This creature gains a +1 , +1 and -1 counter. Should be ok?
no this is terrible
I rather play my 0 mana cos +2 equipment or any equipment or anything than to discard it or any card
I rater get mana by discarding a card (that i draw up freely from cub den, or use 4 midnights)
I reader dont discard my cards because they are in my deck because i put them in for a purples :D
but if it must be tis ability, I recommand this because midnight bazar its impossible to consider discarding a card a "cost" if oyu have 4 of that in deck you have infinite hand :D
So 1 mana it gets +1 damage + 1 accuracy  -2 defence
if it has to be distacr efect it cant be lass than 1 mana ecuse midnight and that is stil a +7 buf for free god save us from grave effect combos .like....the new zombie lord I'm selling for 250 gold. (because I know this can never be a combo deck it would be broken OP)
so I recommand this
Discard a card 1 mana this creature gets 2 damage 1 accuracy
(because if i have to pay 1 mana I rather use imp or anything else cheaper)
#5: 2019-07-08 14:58:53
wslion level20+
Abilities that should probably lock?

Oracle (Precognition)  Reveal the top card of your Library. (this is not something anyone should pay mana for this.
I recommand play with your top card reviled or you can see it as long the creature that has this ability in play the price on creature for this ability should be 1 mana. (because it dos not matter what your top card is if you cant change it, now changing it should cost mana.)

Oracle (Changing Fate):  Shuffle your Library  .omm midnight dos this and you draw 7 cards. okay as repeat ability lets say the player who uses this dos not like to draw cards. 1 or 2 mana should be the price I mean you bus a 1 to your decks size chance of getting what you need, an you have to have an oracle ability out so this works. If you build on another chard tha abuses this maybe. (like an effect you can play your top card if its a land...not in game yet) that is 3 card combo.
I co9nfidantly can recommand this should cost only 1 mana and not more maybe 2. (for rear card doing it 1 mana) for an UC comon 2 mana.

The Generous Traveller (Bearing Gifts):  Roll a Die. You gain X Capital, where X is the number rolled on the die.
so Taxwisar generates 3 capital for 3 mana, D6 avarige is 3,5 on an UC or common  it should be 4 mana, or a rear or legend it should be 3 mana if its a 1 time ability
If its a many times useable ability it should have double price 7  mana on common uc, and on rear it should be 6 mana.
(there is broken card that doubles you mana/resurce income)  these ability can be highly abuse-able already if anyone facepalms on the huge seamen price I wrote.(also there are territory and capitals giving 2 resource/ turn)

Crocodilian Beastmaster (Charm): Take control of target Beast under your o
pponents control until the end of
the turn. When it comes under your control, unlock the creature if
locked. It also has Haste until the end of the turn.
This ability is broken over powered already  for most UC comon best cards are beast

If you want my personal opinion,
~ I consider a game (on rage quilt level when i saw this BS ability) why wanting to strangle my opponent for real I dont build on beast any more and NEVER WILL.
now reasoning why:
Taking control a creature should not cost never lass  than 6 mana  (from a minimum rear card effect not ability)
because the games most powerful REAR event card Betrayal cost 6 (that won me many games on its own)
its also a 70 gold valued card minimum.(I will sel it for 200 if i get +5 ones)
Take control effect
1 you remove the biggest treat on the board and that is most likely 5+ or more costing thing, it can be the opponents win condition, packed with attachments than you remove the attachments also.
2 you dont just remove a card probably worthing 5 or more resource you GAIN IT  and now you have an advantige
3 if you while it this way you payer 6 resource for 5+ resource you opponent lost 5+ resource
Only Beast is not a huge thing, because those are stronger than normal creatures in game.
Its one of the most powerful effects in a card game because you dot just remove threat (usually costing 4 or more and should!) but also gain that card getting value of that cards resource cost.
At worst in tour rush deck you remove the final blocker (yes I use 2 betrayers in my Demon rush deck and thy are useful)

If you insist in ruining beast for pro  pvp and and want to keep this abomination, in the game I recommender 1 time / turn use only its should cost 6 mana/reasource and its still is a deck breaking monster.
(because the opponent can play beast in attack because if he dos this BS card just takes them in his attack step and sets them against another monster taking gout 2 cards, natural attacking with one monster is meaningless because if its a beast its just changes control, if its not a beast a beast from opponent just goes to block it result, Enemy if plays beast has to surrender or not play them, so this card destroy all beast cards in opponents deck just existing on the field,, and monster decks rarely use control to removal, do in my deck build guide I recommanded using removal for exactly this reason.)
But you know ho people think :D what do they take out from their deck if thy get a new cool creature...the removal spells if they had any :D
If you want to make this not a "tap/exaust" cost version I recommand 10 mama for each use. 8 if its a legendary rare.
As any repeatable use ability it should cost double for been reusable in the same turn
Personal experience regarding taking enemy's cards (and nothing more powerful than betrayal shroud exist) that is a 70 rare gold card:
I beat our country national Chaplin with "take control of target creatures" effect on tournament in 3 turns twice in row and countless. more opponents because that effect was not balanced in the game and was one of  the most powerful yougio platelayer I used this game mechanic and was prepared for it. (note that in that game take control also leased for 1 turn)
/it was the only card game I actually stably eared cards on tournaments./

#6: 2019-07-08 15:29:38
wslion level20+
guide to cost in card games
(I just recommand this actually because you guys know your stuff but I like to sound professional :D)
so with all do respect.
Events are cost 1 card to play, thy also have a costing cost than thy are gone.
For that reason something that stays in play Exaust/Tap + mana cost shuld cost 170%-200% in cost to balance out that card dos not go to the graveyard after used.
The price of exaust/Tap is a card doing it now that card stay in play and takes the risk of if it dies the attachment also goes to the grave.
A repayable effect has this advantage. You dont need a 2nd card a creature to put another copy of the attachment to use this ability twice so that is 2 extra cards in card's.
meaning any ton exhausting card should have a +300%-400% mana cost compare the events,
If down otherwise, events and exaust-able creatures use their purpose aka become worthless junk. (I assume we dont want that)

Here is my opinion, I also have some expedience  what i used in "Big book of madness" for some home destined spells we did with friends. That game is grate to corner down prices to the minimum. (I recommand it it's an awesome board game.
From the logic those things ware made.

Lets say Resource is out money and say an effect rate that exist or should exist in this game
  lets say the attachment's has 1-3 or lass cost (the more it cost the cheaper its exhaust effect can be)
Efect Tipe                                                Event/attachment                          Exhaust effect                                     repeatable effect
~Deal damage to creature              2 mana for 3 damage                   1 mana 1 damage                                 2 mana 1 damage
~Give stat to creature end of turn             0-1 for 2-4 stat                         1 mana 1-2 stat                                      2 mana 1-2 stat
~Give permanent bonus                      0-1 mana 2 stat                   1-2 mana 1 to all stat (Forge brokenOP XD)  2 mana 1 stat
~Buf the army                                      X for x turns + 1 stat                1- 2 mana 1 stat to all                             3-4 mana 1 stat to all             
~Deal D6 damage                             1-2 mana for D6 damage       3 mana for d6=3,5 damage                 6 mana fo D6 damage   
(damage should be same for healing except heeling can save monster that dot destroyed so it bends the rules and benefits)
For this reason I recommand destroy effects and mirror effects (creature deals damage to itself) has fatal instant death effect
on that note "Healing Vial" is an awesome card and I recommand it to anyone reading this as log no better cards for his deck.
~Destroy effect     4 mana creature                 I recoamnd never to give an ability like this to creature or atachment but if you must the attachment or creature should cost 6-8 mana (avatar of woe was my faw card dong this and she was never too expensive) the point you can destroy a card / turn you won the game. if that thing is not slaved. after the 6-8 mana cost thing, I recommand 2 mana.
And this thing should be a repeatable effect ever.
~ Enemy distances a card        3 mana for 2 random(would be good)    the raid dos this for free (exaust)  now as repatable fects I recomand his to cos despite all 3 or more mana, becsue Midnight Bazar can refill your hand, and if you lets say only pay 1 for it here is winner combo
1 mana I cast midnight Bazaar, 7 man enemy empty his/her hand. I won. (or my deck is relay bad)
as an instant effect this can be abuse in opponents draw phase so if he dos not draw a even he has to discard it immediately. meaning they may never can have new card you won.

#7: 2019-07-08 17:45:16
awol_lsd level30+
i just woke and not reading threw it all now but wanted to say this..

you could ALWAYS simply add the text "this effect can only be activated once per turn" to some of these abilities, others sure some minor adjustments. i'll go threw them later.

[edit] went ahead and read through....  i wouldn't listen to 90% of what lion said. what i could understand was not good.
#8: 2019-07-09 00:10:43
TheGabe level20+
So honestly i think that locking for a passive effect is mostly required or MANY of them will be limited to only 1 a turn like AWOL suggested or the combo's this will create are simply broken. Sorry to say that for my part i can't condone this.
Khan`s Boon
Best draw in this game! But keep in mind this will give two cards to your opponent(s) too! Use it careful to your advantage!
This is a very powerful card. 6 out of 5 cards! Remove a card until the controllers next turn for nothing is very strong. If the removed card is locked it will return locked. It is always a good choice to put Keb into your deck only to play this card.