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#1: 2019-05-23 17:27:12
Amwriter level30+
Twilight Dragon
Creature • Dragon
Beast • Flying
Roll a dice at the beginning of your turn. Twilight Dragon's Pwr and Att are equal to the result of the dice until the start of your next turn.
"On the world of Silath there is a beast that grows stronger as night approaches."
This creature is deceptively dangerous. For a relatively low cost, this creature has high enough hit it is difficult to kill easily, and can do a surprising amount of damage while your opponent scrambles to deal with it. 
A good card to draw your opponent's easy kill options (fatal blow etc.) leaving room for even more dangerous options later to emerge with no answer...
Season of Blood
This card enables some powerful combos! In combination with any daemornia faction icon and low-cost creatures your field will explode in one turn. From own experience I can tell, that you should never play two at once, this will end in a deck-out loose very quickly.
Road Warriors
Ahh Raid. If left unchecked Raid wins the game before it starts.
Ahh Hypnotic Specter (Mtg) one of my faw black card comes into mind. This game here is Human Outrider, than Ratmen Pack, a Raider with a Tutor(search on a stick). And now this. "love it"
Why is Raid a super strong ability(and why I love it)? Because it can remove the thing enemy will take this creature out and constantly creating card disadvantage for the opponent. This card for 3 mana 4 hp, and all control decks other nightmare besides Raid, Haste(sure to hit once) or Haste in other words "Fear me, prepare or die"
This awesome card has 2 things a control or combo deck hate most.
 I recommand this card to all Imperium decks, it also has too good stats.